William, Charlie, Ikey, Benny, Henry

William, Charlie, Ikey, Benny, Henry

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

William's Fireman Party!

I know how this looks...maybe a little over-the-top for a 3-year-old. BUT, in our defense, William's birthday came as a much-needed and very welcome distraction during a particularly stressful time, AND, 90% of the bash was completely homemade. We'd been so bogged down by extreme house frustration and heavy career decisions (I'll get back to this another time), we were actually thrilled to shift our attention to the birthday project. Looking on the bright side, I guess having our Baraboo house at a standstill served us well in this case...we had a completely empty "workshop" to carry out our plans! Without our own house for party-hosting this year, the Baraboo Civic Center was the perfect place to turn the kids loose. It involved a lot of hauling on our part, but worked really well for our purpose.

The party kicked off with a fireman-themed obstacle course (complete with "burning" building!) and ended with a trip to the fire station. Once party-goers had their fire hats and badges, their tasks were action-packed. The course included: ringing the fire bell, sliding down the pole, riding the firetruck to the fire, chopping down the door, crawling under "burning" obstacles through a smoke-filled room, rescuing "victims" and tossing them out the window into a life net, connecting the fire hose to the fire hydrant, spraying out the fire, and FINALLY, climbing a ladder to rescue a cat from a tree. Whew! The kids took their jobs very seriously...it was a hoot. Here are some highlights (I apologize in advance for the blurry picture problem we encountered that day, but you'll get the gist):

Ready for the kids!

Treats for favor bags: Dalmatian (Puppy) Chow, Cherry Safety Pops, Gum Drops, and Tootsie Rolls as "Stop, Drop, and Roll" candy, and chocolate dipped pretzel "matches." Bags also included a Matchbox fire truck, a fire truck sticker book, a flashlight, and plush dalmatian.

Jason with Tate, William, and Maeve

Our first guests arrive and receive firefighter apparel
The birthday boy slides down the pole!

One of our favorite little friends, Noah! He's only TWO and had the fire pole totally mastered!

Rachel, Payton, and Carson...the super cute kids of one of MY first friends!
William racing to the fire

Tate and Noah ready for action

Brody and Max chop down the door

The axe turned out to be a huge hit. No pun intended.

William and Max to the rescue. Auntie caught A LOT of helpless victims that day.

Look at the intensity in his little face! I love how seriously Tate is taking his role as a fireman!

Rachel getting low in smoke and crawling through the flames

Jaxson found a dolly to save

Kooper and Rowan ready to douse the blaze

William spraying the fire hose

Nida and Nola ready to put out the fire

Maeve takes a turn spraying the hose

Jaxson showing Uncle J how to hook up the hose

Little Miss Nola saving the kitty

I love this...Maeve protecting the kitty

William coming down from the tree top. He still wants us to tell the story (nearly every night) of how "Once upon a time he was a brave fireman who climbed up a ladder and rescued kitty from a tree...and THAT'S how kitty came to live with us."

Brody taking a turn on the ladder

"Put the spots on the felt board dalmatian" was a hit with all the kids

Cake time!

The Baraboo Fire Department graciously hosted a very impressive tour at the end of our party. Three firemen opened ALL the trucks and fire vehicles for the kids to explore. They were welcome to sit inside and "drive" to their little hearts' content!

Little Miss Nida in the department's largest ladder truck

William in all his glory

Just like a real fireman

He just couldn't get enough

Checking out the inside of an ambulance

Time to go home. Happy Birthday, my sweet 3-year-old!


  1. wow, what an awesome party!! i'm in the midst of planning the same themed party for my C and stumbled on your blog and am loving all the detail that went into this. great job mama!

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  3. These are amazing pictures from the party. You put together an amazing birthday celebration for your son and everyone seems to be enjoying the event with all the fun games and activities. We also had a great time celebrating our daughter’s birthday a few days ago at a wonderful party venue.