William, Charlie, Ikey, Benny, Henry

William, Charlie, Ikey, Benny, Henry

Sunday, September 18, 2011


So far, today has not gone as planned. The washer broke and Jason had to fix it. (The silver lining is that it WAS fixable, I suppose) My machine is up and running, but now Jason has a puncture wound where the pliers stabbed through his hand in the process. Additionally, our washer problem involved water spilling everywhere (for the second time in two weeks), so that meant more soaked clothes to launder and a seriously grubby floor to scrub (a little surprise we found under the washer when we removed the pedestal drawer to wipe up water.)

Babies were ready for a nap, but we really wanted to hit up an estate sale in the neighborhood (I tried to go solo during naptime yesterday, but they were closing up for the day), so we loaded screaming boys into the van (in pouring rain) and drove to the sale. We hadn't figured exactly how we'd take three infant carriers plus William through the house, but decided to cross that bridge when we arrived. The doors had only been open 15 minutes when we pulled up and there was already a line...outside in the rain, of course. Take a number. They were currently on number 20 and the next available was 45. Selfishly I wondered if the kids could tough it out, but my better mom side prevailed and it was back in the van, back home.

The worst part of the day? We don't get the Packer game. (We decided to skip the football package this year because 1.) We're supposed to move to the land of televised Packer games, and 2) It seemed excessive during our money-saving effort) It's only the second game of the season (we were in WI for the first) and it's safe to say we're regretting that decision. Nonetheless, William is suited up in his #12 jersey, and we'll have to settle for keeping track of the score online. How did we get to this point? Well...

Weekend in Green Bay years before William. Look how tall I am! I used to be 5'6", but I was down to 5' 4 3/4" at the doctor this week!!! Beat down by life! Literally!
Our Packer play-off party, January 2008. Brett's last win as a Packer and one of my favorite games EVER. Our Bear-loving neighbors obviously love it when we do this. Jason is hanging our "G."
Summer of 2009...newest Packer fan, also known as # 58,638 on the season ticket waiting list.
Baby's First Packer Game! Notice how the trouble has already started...Jason and I have the game taped and paused. Gone are the days of watching things live!! (We probably haven't realized that yet!)
The "G" is out! Last season kicks off...with three more officially on the way.

Go Pack Go
Super Bowl!! I've been confined to bed rest, but it didn't damper the excitement...
Kick off 2011. Tiny butts have been cropped out of this picture, but Jason made me a hilarious birthday card (with the un-edited version) that said something about Rodgers having 3 new "tight ends" and "plenty of targets"...you get the gist.
Someday we'll get back to normal, and by normal I mean watching the Packers on Sunday. Someday we'll have a very rowdy cheering section every game day. And someday I'm sure we'll say, "awww.....remember when we took these pictures?" Have to go, it's kick-off and there are babies to feed, but til next time, GO PACK GO!!!

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