William, Charlie, Ikey, Benny, Henry

William, Charlie, Ikey, Benny, Henry

Monday, July 22, 2013

Happy Birthday, Sunshine!

And just like that, Henry is one! We celebrated our goofy, happy, fun-loving baby with a summery "You Are My Sunshine" party...because sunshine he is, indeed.

It was 100 degrees the day Henry was born, making him my little Sun King. Adorable felt birthday crown compliments of Auntie.
Goody buckets awaiting the kids....
Ikey choosing his party crown.

Passing out goodies to cousin Jaxson
William photo-bombing in his new shades. Tray of cream puffs from Neat-O's...YUM.

Lunch time...

Kids' table!

Hanky and his (fairy) God-Mama

He loves her.
Ikey and Benny playing with their new pails.

Charlie and William swinging with Auntie Sonja.
Slide race

I'm not sure I'd put Benny in the driver's seat.

Henry got to invite one friend and he chose Chloe Margaret...understandably.

This particular park backs up to a farm and the cows often huddle right at the fence by the tree line. I was kind of hoping they'd join us for the party, but with rain approaching, I guess they knew better than to get too far from the barn.

Auntie and John John
Big shot. I can walk, you know.

Party hats on and ready for cake.
Can't believe our BABY is one!

Happy Birthday, dear Hanky!

Dig in! Move over cupcakes....individual sunrise cakes also made (with love) by Auntie. She sews, she bakes, she can do anything...Betsy Crocker!

Benny ate his entire sunrise cake (with both hands, like a burger)...in about 120 seconds.

This boy can appreciate a tasty cake.

Cake goatee

The Birthday Boy with Ahmie and Pa

Soaking up some post-cake snuggles with Ahmie and Auntie Sonja. I love that all five of my boys have a very special relationship with their Great Auntie.
Ahmie and Hoo
All of Hanky's peeps loving on him...Nana and Grandpa Jim.
Great Grandma and Grandpa.

If these three are anything like their mamas, they're going to have a lifetime of fun together!

Rugrats! Attempting an organized group shot...

Ikey's about to run off...

John John is TOTALLY done with pictures...

Big and Little. My bookends.

Lots of helpers with gifts. How nice of his brothers to volunteer!

Happy Birthday, my sweet one-year-old! You are my sunshine.


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  3. Hi Emily! Looks like Henry had a great first birthday party! I'm Heather and I was hoping you would answer a quick question I have about your blog :-) My email is Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail.com

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