William, Charlie, Ikey, Benny, Henry

William, Charlie, Ikey, Benny, Henry

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

He's Here!!!

If you sensed a bit of love in the air yesterday morning, it wasn't your imagination. The world became a happier and more beautiful place as we welcomed our FIFTH baby boy at 9:05 am on July 16th! Henry Michael is 7 pounds 3 ounces of utter sweetness, and we adore all 20 inches of him from head to toe.

Henry is the spitting image of Daddy and looks exactly like William as a newborn. He has super long fingers and much to our surprise, blondish hair. Upon first glance I exclaimed, "He's huge! And blond! And BALD!" (He's actually none of those things, but within the context of our family he's our biggest baby, with the lightest hair, and definitely the least on top of his head.)

His delivery was smooth and I am recovering well. I had a lot of anxiety going into my c-section, lingering fears from our last time around. Fortunately, it's been very therapeutic to experience childbirth "normally" again, and without trying to sound like Oprah, I'm so grateful to have had this opportunity to close this chapter by coming "full-circle."

I will post more later (it's tough to complete a thought with all the comings and goings in the hospital), but wanted to preview a few pictures of our little lump of sugar before too much time passed.

Super proud big brother

Auntie was here for Henry's birth and actually gave him his first bath. Here's a clip:

Finally, I haven't formally introduced John Robert just yet, but here is a picture of Johnny and Henry. Cousins only three weeks apart and already best friends!  Boys, boys, and more boys...


  1. Congrats! I am so happy for you guys and can't believe all the boys! I Enjoy your new little bundle of joy.

  2. Congratulations to all the families! The babies are beautiful, as are the big brothers! The story just keeps getting better!!! Keep the news and neighborhood walks coming and thanks for posting and letting us share in the happy news!

  3. So many boys!!!! Congrats to both of you ladies on the new babies!

  4. Wow, what a beautiful family you have and congratulations on Henry's arrival (and Johnny's too)!! So happy to hear all the baby news, and glad that everything went well this time around. I just love it when I get an email letting me know that there is a new post to your blog.